who’s that young lady?

Nanna Andersson – Cand. Scient. Techn. in Integrated Food Studies at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, which is a new education concerned with public health, food politics, food systems, gastronomy and design. Though my years at the university I have pursued my interest and scientific work with food, sociology, meals, taste and human behavior.

I have been professionally involved with food for more than 6 years, partly through my bachelor in Nutrition and Health from Metropolitan University College where I have specialised in Food and Communication, and partly through several food related student jobs.

Actually I’m just incredibly interested in food and love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with food, taste combinations and textures, and enjoying simple and informal fresh food cooked with natural ingredients, enjoyed with good friends.

Below you can see some of the activities I have been involved in. If you are interested in knowing more, you are welcome to download my resume or contact me by mail or LinkedIn.

Have a wonderful 2015!

All the best, Nanna.