brejning boarding school

For the second time this January I made a workshop with my colleague and friend Jacob Damgaard at Brejning boarding school in Jutland. One of the things I like to engage in when working with food is teaching people in how to create joyful food experiences for others.

I spend the day with 16 very inspiring teenagers working with senses and experiences related to food. Working with flavor and presentation of a dish – making it look appetizing – are elements we are familiar with. But how the room is lightened, what music we hear, the interior where we eat and many other things influence our eating experiences as well.

It is proven in scientific studies that e.g. French music make us choose French products in the supermarket. At the university I have made a study myself that shows a significant improvement in people’s liking of bread when it is served with a positive and flattering story.┬áSo why don’t we have more focus on the eating experience as a whole?

Judith Kyst, manager at Madkulturen, wrote in the beginning of January an article on the homepage with the message, that the Danes should eat their everyday meals as they eat during Christmas. A catchy line, since Christmas food also tends to be huge portion sizes and lots of unhealthy sweets. Her point was that the tradition of gathering around the table and enjoy tasteful and cozy meals with friends and families, should be prioritized and remembered, which I very much agree on.

In 2015 I hope to meet much more people and discuss this theme and create interesting foodscapes.

Have a joyful year!