about this site

Around Food is an online noticeboard, or parking area so to speak, for some of my food and design related ideas and as well for my second hobby, photography. It is a resume that enables you to get insight in what I’m working with, and likewise gives me the possibility to communicate why I find the work of improving our relationship and experiences with food a part of an important mission.

The site is not a classic food blog in the sense that I’ll be posting recipes and reviews of restaurants. On longer term I imagine the site will contain small videos and food portraits of people who have something on their mind. Do not expect the page to be updated on the latest food events. What I hope to do is to communicate the good stories about the food that every single day, many times a day, work as gathering point for people all over the world.

I’m passionate about the easy, everyday meal and food experiences that sharpen our senses and have taste as its focus. It’s the love of food and what happens around it I want to share.